AcromaPro announces AkvaTopp 814 waterborne white topcoat

CLEVELAND, Ohio – AcromaPro launches AkvaTopp 814 Waterborne White Topcoat, a durable single component acrylic/polyurethane coating for use on interior wood products where performance and efficiency matter.
AkvaTopp 814 WB White Topcoat may be used as a self-sealing system on wood or applied over the new AcromaPro Laqva Prime Universal on wood or medium density fiberboard (MDF). It has high build properties and provides a finish with very good hardness capabilities that can’t be obtained with acrylic latex and nitrocellulose finishes. This innovative topcoat also delivers excellent chemical resistance. AkvaTopp 814 WB Topcoat is also available in custom colors and gloss ranges.
It also offers fast dry cycles making it an ideal choice for high production facilities. Finishers can also utilize an optional catalyst to further enhance through hardness or product handling times and performance of the finish. 
“Waterborne finishes such as AkvaTopp 814 Waterborne White Topcoats are what today’s market is demanding,” said Joe Spencer, sales director, AcromaPro. “It enhances efficiency and helps manufacturers meet their sustainability goals while delivering an attractive and durable finish.”
AcromaPro is sold through a network of authorized coatings distributors across the U.S. and Canada. Learn more about the AcromaPro AkvaTopp 814 WB White Topco at at or email


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