Walcraft Cabinetry at-home virtual reality lets homeowners see their future kitchen
September 25, 2019 | 9:19 am CDT

GRASS VALLEY, Calif. -- Walcraft Cabinetry's new immersive virtual renovation experience means that homeowners won't have to leave their house to see or feel how a new kitchen will fit into their home.

"We use the Oculus virtual reality headset to transport you into your future kitchen without ever leaving your house," said Walcraft CEO Sean Walsh.

After sliding on the headset, the user will see exactly how the tile they picked works with the lighting fixtures. The virtual experience will let homeowners thinking of adding an island feel what it's like walking around the altered space.

During his years in the construction business, Walsh noticed customers struggled to visualize their complete designs. Homeowners bogged down in the small details, like tile and wood samples. They often struggled to envision the big picture of how everything would come together in their space.

"Even with drawings and computer renderings, some people had a hard time," he said. "Some companies have attempted to incorporate virtual reality solutions, but you have to travel to their offices to try them and the resolution is so low that it's not especially useful."

Walcraft's virtual kitchen experiences solve that problem by providing the quality CGI rendered in 8k resolution. Walcraft provides this service for homeowners throughout the United States. The process starts with a consultation in which the Walcraft team helps the customer put together their dream kitchen design. They'll send free door samples and work with the customer to create personalized CGI renderings so they can get a general idea of the look they will end up with.

Once the customer works out the details, Walcraft will load the design into a pair of Oculus goggles and send them to the customer’s home so they can experience their kitchen in virtual reality.

"This interactive approach gives you the highest possible level of realism. You will see exactly how every element you selected works together,” Walsh said. “There's nothing else like this."

"This service helps homeowners save time and money because contractors appreciate working with people who are well prepared. In all reality they charge less when the client has everything ready to go," said Walsh.

Walcraft Cabinetry provides jobs and opportunities for people coming out of crime, addiction and abuse. Walcraft offers nearly 200 cabinet options with styles, colors, shapes and sizes to suite every homeowner. See https://walcraftcabinetry.com.


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