Vauth-Sagel and PAM Trading Focus on American Market

KERNERSVILLE, NC - Vauth-Sagel has decided to restructure its operations within the American market.

Vauth-Sagel said founding a joint venture with PAM Trading will permit it to better service U.S. woodworking customers. The start of the restructuring program was the company’s very first trade fair participation at the IWF in Atlanta in August 2012.

Vauth-Sagel, a systems component manufacturer, has been producing several plastic products for the local market in Greensboro, NC, since March 2010.

PAM Trading has already been manufacturing the VSusan plastic Lazy Susan for Vauth-Sagel since August 2010. Due to the experience over the many years of cooperation, both partner companies are reorienting themselves and founding a joint venture.

Key Account Manager Frank Fahnenschmidt is now assuming the running of the new sales and distribution office in Florida, with the objective of providing intensive and direct market development in close collaboration with PAM Trading. With this move, Vauth-Sagel has set itself the target of expanding its export activities.

“We are looking into the future with great optimism and are anticipating a considerable pickup in the kitchen market in the United States. With our new strategy of focusing more strongly on the customer, we are now very well positioned and will be able to secure ourselves a larger market share. Despite difficult overall economic conditions, this restructuring can only accelerate our market growth,” said Claus Sagel.


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