DURHAM, N.C. -- ShopBot has announced the launch of its Subscription CNC program, a new service that makes it easy to put a ShopBot CNC tool to work in a business. For one monthly payment, subscribers can put a Handibot Smart Power Tool, ShopBot Desktop, ShopBot Desktop MAX, or ShopBot Buddy tool into production and access ShopBot’s team of trainers, web training resources, and in-house support. There are no shipping fees and no cancellation fees. Subscription terms start with a minimum three-month commitment.

According to ShopBot, the progress of modern mechanization makes the CNC technology more affordable and easier to master. Subscription CNC makes it possible for more people to access the technology.

Subscription CNC is not a sale or a financed-sale. Subscription CNC is different from leasing.

Subscribers will be shipped new or ‘good-as-new’ tools. ShopBot will continuously refurbish and recycle tools within the program and after these tools become heavily used, they will be offered to communities in need. Prolonging the life-cycle of products is the best way to get a full life out of all the things we make.

ShopBot Tools Founder and CEO, Ted Hall summarizes, “Just like a traditional tool sale, we take responsibility for delivering tools that work and keep working. Subscription CNC is a new kind of accessibility that can help a small shop, program, a group, or an individual jump-start their work. It is our plan for making CNC even more obtainable to anyone who wants to make use of it.”

Visit the ShopBot website for details on ShopBot’s Subscription CNC program: http://www.shopbottools.com/SubscriptionCNC

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