CLEVELAND - Sherwin-Williams’ Industrial Wood Coatings Division has announced that three of its newest wood finishing products has achieved Greenguard Gold Certification for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage. Seven of Sherwin-Williams formaldehyde free finishing (F3) products have already held this certification for several years. 
The F3 line is an advanced offering of high-performance wood finishes containing no formaldehyde or ingredients that may emit formaldehyde, and may be used as drop-in replacements for traditional catalyzed products with the same ease, performance and quality.
New to the line are Sher-Wood 5421W Universal Primer, and Sayerlack White Hydroplus and Sayerlack Clear Hydroplus topcoats, all of which were featured at the 2016 International Woodworking Fair.
Sher-Wood  5421W Universal Primer is a waterborne acrylic that can be used as a drop-in replacement of many solvent or waterborne primers in finishing systems where higher VOC primers or basecoats have traditionally been used. It may be used with many waterborne and solvent-based finishes, thus allowing the number of primers a shop needs to inventory.  
Sayerlack White Hydroplus and Sayerlack Clear Hydroplus topcoats are waterborne advanced technology European style finishes that provide resistance to moisture, chemicals and scratches.
“Sherwin-Williams Greenguard Gold Certified wood finishing products provide manufacturers the assurance that they are getting Sherwin-Williams quality and low chemical emissions to improve the air conditions in the environments in which the products are used,” said Joe Kujawski, global director of marketing. “We are proud to offer a broad array of such products to meet the needs of discerning customers.”
The full list of Sherwin-Williams Greenguard Gold Certified products includes:
Sher-Wood F3 Hi-Bild Precat Lacquer
Sher-Wood F3 Hi-Bild Precat Lacquer White
Sher-Wood F3 Hi-Bild Precat Lacquer Surfacer
Sher-Wood F3 Kemvar Varnish
Sher-Wood F3 Kemvar Sealer
Sher-Wood F3 Pigmented Kemvar Varnish
Sher-Wood F3 Kemvar Plus Surfacer
Sher-Wood 5421W Universal Primer
Sayerlack White Hydroplus Topcoat
Sayerlack Clear Hydroplus Topcoat

Since 1866, Sherwin-Williams has provided manufacturers and finishers the coatings needed to make products look better and last longer, while helping operations meet productivity and sustainability goals. For industrial wood markets, its innovative solutions go beyond coatings to include knowledge, tools, equipment, supplies, and industry-leading support.


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