Preliminary antidumping findings for moulding & millwork imports: China yes, Brazil no
August 14, 2020 | 4:55 pm CDT

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Department of Commerce has issued mixed findings in its preliminary determinations on sales of wood mouldings and millwork from China and Brazil. The preliminary determinations follow the result of investigations by the International Trade Commission from allegations by the Coalition of American Millwork Producers (CAMP) of unfair trade practices.

On Aug. 12, the DOC issued its preliminary determination that China was selling wood mouldings and millwork at less than fair value during the period of investigation, July 1 through Dec. 31, 2019. However, the department's preliminary findings show no evidence that products from Brazil were being sold at less than fair value for the period in question, Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2019. The period of investigation differs because China is a non-market economy country.

CAMP filed the antidumping petitions on Jan. 8 claiming "dumped" moulding and millwork products by the two countries resulted in increased market share of more than 10 percentage points during the period of 2016 through 2019, while the U.S. industry lost 7 to 9 percentage points of market share during the same period.

The petitions were accompanied by a countervailing duty petition concerning imports of millwork products from China.

The scope of the investigation covers:

Wood mouldings and millwork products that are made of wood (regardless of wood species), bamboo, laminated veneer lumber (LVL), or of wood and composite materials (where the composite materials make up less than 50 percent of the total merchandise), and which are continuously shaped wood or finger-jointed or edge-glued moulding or millwork blanks (whether or not resawn). The merchandise subject to this investigation can be continuously shaped along any of its edges, ends, or faces.

 Continuously shaped wood in the forms of dowels, building components such as interior paneling and jamb parts, and door components such as rails, stiles, interior and exterior door frames or jambs (including split, flat, stop applied, single- or double-rabbeted), frame or jamb kits, and packaged door frame trim or casing sets, whether or not the door components are imported as part of a door kit or set.

All wood mouldings and millwork products are included within the scope even if they are trimmed; cut-to-size; notched; punched; drilled; or have undergone other forms of minor processing.

Excluded from the scope of the investigation are: countertop/butcherblocks; exterior products (fencing, decking and siding); finished and unfinished doors; flooring; stair parts (including newel posts, balusters, easing, gooseneck, risers, treads, rail fittings and stair stringers); picture frame components 3 feet and under in individual lengths; and lumber whether solid, finger-jointed, or edge-glued.  Also excluded are products covered under the antidumping duty orders on Hardwood Plywood from the People's Republic of China (83 FR 504, Jan. 4, 2018), Multilayered Wood Flooring from the People's Republic of China (76 FR 76690, Dec. 8, 2011), Wooden Cabinets and Vanities from the People's Republic of China (85 FR 22126, April 21, 2020), Wooden Bedroom Furniture from the People's Republic of China (70 FR 329,  Jan. 4, 2005).

Final determinations for both have been delayed and the DOC said it will respond within 135 days of date of publication in the Federal Register.

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