PDS offers saw arbor restoration
December 6, 2018 | 8:44 am CST

Precision Drive Systems is offering a service in which they restore saw arbors to better-than-original specs.

Most CNC panel saws and industrial sliding table saw machines have a scoring blade arbor and a main blade arbor. The integrity and operation of these arbors is just as important as the tooling used to cut the material. It is easy to bolt up a blade and hit the green button to process a part list without considering the importance of these precision assemblies, PDS reported.

The spotlight shines on the arbor when trying to troubleshoot cut quality issues or at the time of replacement when the bearings finally wear out.

Traditionally, it’s been up to the equipment manufacturers or supporting machinery distributors to stock these expensive units for a many machine sizes, models and configurations.

This is a tough business model to sustain due to the cost to hold these units in stock for the call of the end user who has a down machine, PDS said. Frequent stock-outs, long deliveries from the factory or lack of customer service increase machine down time.

Precision Drive Systems has can repair arbors for all CNC panel and sliding table saws. According to PDS, they actually improve the design of the rotating assembly by precision measuring the bearing housing bore, identifying the intended operating rpm and load and then specifying the optimal bearing arrangement for the application.

PDS also offers precision face grinding operation of the inner flange. The saw blade body mounts against this flange and PDS commonly grinds this to zero runout. The end result, according to PDS, is improved cut quality from an arbor that performs at an optimal level for years of service.

PDS has a full-scale machine shop in-house and substantial bearing inventory. They also offer emergency services referred to as the Quick Turn Program that prioritizes a repair in their production process. See http://www.spindlerepair.com/saw-arbor-repair

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