QUEENSLAND, Australia - A man in Australia fell into a woodchipper as he was clearing branches from a neighbor's property.
Calling it one of the worst scenes they've ever encountered, authorities say the man was somehow 'pulled into' the woodchipper, dying within seconds.
Along with two others, the 54-year-old-man, whose name has not yet been released, was clearing trees from a woman's property. The other two men discovered him soon after he fell in and attempted to pull him out. They were unsuccessful. 


Worker falls to his death at Sierra Pacific Lumber

Sierra Pacific, one of the largest lumber producers in the U.S., has been fined $112,000 for safety violations following the death of a worker. 

"He was placing a tree into a tree shredder; [he became] entangled within the machine," an observer told local news outlet the Gympie Times. "His friends frantically tried in vain to pull him out, but he was dead within a few seconds."

Authorities are unsure of how the man fell into the machine. His death is being treated as an accident.

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