LUBBECKE, Germany -- IMA Klessmann GmbH started construction of an additional production hall in October. The new production facilities, with a total area of about 10,000 square feet, will be used for the assembly, installation and initial commissioning of fully automatic digital facilities for batch size 1 production and should be ready for use in June 2017.

The order book and the desire of customers for the initial commissioning at IMA of the complete production facility that had been ordered made it necessary to expand the production area.

"The units are becoming bigger and bigger and our existing production areas simply do not offer enough space to set up a complete system," said Bernhard Berger, CEO at IMA Klessmann. "In the new hall we will be able to fully install the units and put them into operation in (the) future."

Customers will see shorter delivery times, a faster start of production and improved product quality and a greater degree of acceptance by the machine operators. For IMA this shortens the routes and working time, because all the experts, materials and technology are available at the factory.

IMA CEO Bernhard Berger explains the choice of location as follows: "The engineering know-how and the considerable experience of our staff at the Lubbecke location in the development and construction of complex units and systems is simply immense. We cannot and do not want to do without it. For that reason there is simply no alternative to the Lubbecke location."

The free-standing hall meets the very latest industrial standards. A heating system with heat recovery was installed and the roof was prepared to take a photovoltaic system. In addition to the area that is purely for production, there is a supervisor’s office, a day room and sanitary facilities for the staff, plus sanitary facilities for visitors and a meeting room with a view of the hall. See for more information.

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