Austin Workshop Co-Op furniture designer builder Pablo Limon.
Austin Workshop Co-Op furniture designer builder Pablo Limon.
AUSTIN, Texas - The Workshop Co-Op, an Austin, Texas woodworking collectrive, has launched an online showroom for its commercial, tailor-made furniture and project consulting for clients seeking authentic designs for the hospitality industry.
The founder, Guillermo Islas Mitre, says the Austin, Texas, company wants to make purchasing customized hospitality-centric furnishings more streamlined and effective for interior designers, architects, contractors, and or anyone who needs functional and beautiful furniture.
"Our mission behind The Workshop Co-Op is to help each customer's dream interior come to life," says the company's founder, Guillermo Islas Mitre. "With our Tailor Made feature, customers can get added control over what is being created and what materials are being used. Each product maintains its essence and authenticity."  
The Workshop Co-op recently launched its e-commerce store, which it says serves as a one stop shop for customers looking for unique, tasteful furnishings at an affordable price.
"The Workshop Co-Op professionally embraces the bespoke movement in a way that makes perfect sense to a new business," says New York customer Savvy Studio. "By offering a high quality design and production platform that is flexible and practical, new businesses are now able to have custom furniture for a fraction of the cost and hassle that it usually implies."  
Mitre says what makes the Workshop Co-Op unique is the fact that it works directly with local and upcoming designers to create hand crafted furnishings for its digital showroom. Customers can browse through the company's dynamic online selection that boasts unique tables, chairs and even bench furnishing for restaurants, bars and coffee shops, then order directly online.
For those looking for more custom designed furnishings, the company offers their very own "tailor made" service options, which allows for customers to work with The Workshop Co-Op directly by choosing the variety of leather, fabrics, paint, and other materials and finishes they desire. Mitre says the company is betting that its fresh approach to crafting beautiful and unique furniture will translate to its customers online.  or reach Guillermo Islas Mitre directly at 1-512-961-5590 

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