Accuride launches Senseon Secure Access, an RFID locking system
September 14, 2016 | 1:52 am CDT
SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif. – Accuride International, a global leader in movement solutions, today officially launched Senseon Secure Access, a commercial-grade, invisible, electronic system that transforms how commercial establishments both protect and manage access to contents in cabinets. Senseon also enables valuables to be secured effectively and attractively in custom homes. 
With Senseon, retail stores, hospitals, banks, hotels and diverse other commercial establishments, as well as homeowners, can avoid the limitations of century-old cabinet locks and keys. Senseon uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and hidden, patented locks to enhance security, efficiency and reliability and improve the customer experience. Cabinet designers and manufacturers and commercial establishments no longer have to contend with unwieldy and often unreliable locks and keys. Custom-home designers and builders also can integrate Senseon into built-ins to protect jewelry and other expensive items.
“We created Senseon as the smart successor to traditional access control methods, freeing users from inefficiencies, high maintenance costs, design constraints and esthetic limitations,” said Accuride CEO Scott Jordan. “Embracing patented technology, Senseon sets a new standard for cabinet-level access control. It offers a simple, better way to reduce theft, streamline operations, ease employees’ jobs, and improve the customer experience.”
Solutions Marketing Director Greg Rewers added: “Jewelry, consumer electronics, medications, cash, sensitive documents and other items need to be secured reliably, while employees also need instant access to contents during a transaction. For example, when a salesperson can remove a luxury watch or smartphone from a display case with the tap of a smart card rather than fumbling for the right key or going to a storeroom, the customer has a better experience and is more likely to buy.”
Senseon offers: 
Easy installation, programming and use: Comprised of several modular components, Senseon requires no electrical or wiring knowledge, and no keys or key rings. Keyless, electronic locks are integrated into drawer slides.  
Premium user experience: Drawers close softly, open by touch and automatically open when unlocked. Senseon stand-alone locks pair with Senseon slides for a complete solution.  
Strength and reliability: Senseon e-locks can withstand up to 250 pounds of break force, versus 65 pounds for a typical lock, and locks keep contents protected during a power outage. 
Patented technology from a trusted source: Senseon is an innovation of Accuride International, a leading global designer and trusted manufacturer of world-class movement solutions for businesses for more than 50 years.
Flexibility: Senseon components blend seamlessly with cabinets of any design, size or shape; complement other access control systems; and work well in all kinds of environments.
Single system: Senseon provides one unified solution that can control as many as 15 cabinet drawers or doors.
Enhanced customer experience: Senseon lets designers, manufacturers and establishments provide more attractive and efficient showrooms and other commercial settings, accelerating the transaction process.
About Senseon  Secure Access
Senseon  Secure Access is the smart successor to the traditional lock and key for cabinetry in all commercial environments, as well as custom homes. This commercial-grade, invisible, electronic secure access control system uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to provide greater security, efficiency and reliability while eliminating the drawbacks of old-fashioned locks and keys. 
Senseon is the choice for designers; cabinetry manufacturers; and retail stores, hospitals, banks, hotels, restaurants, law firms, libraries, universities, assisted-living facilities, government agencies and other establishments needing to both protect and readily access contents. Easy to install, program and use, Senseon is flexible for designers to incorporate and complements other access control systems. Hidden, keyless locks and immediate access to contents during commercial transactions improve the customer experience. Senseon also is a fit for luxury custom homes.
Senseon is built on patented, proven technology from Accuride International, a leading global designer and manufacturer of movement solutions for businesses, offering more than a half-century of experience. Accuride’s entry for Senseon was a finalist for a 2016 Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award at the International Woodworking Fair (IWF). 
About Accuride International: For more than 50 years, Accuride International has been a pioneering world leader in the invention, design and manufacture of innovative movement solutions that have significantly improved the quality of operations in a broad range of businesses. The Accuride global footprint fosters collaboration with companies in the many and diverse industries it serves. 

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