Wagner Meters Offers New Species Tables For Bamboo

ROGUE RIVER, OR – With the increased popularity of bamboo as an economical and ecological flooring choice, moisture meter manufacturers for wood flooring applications have also beenaddressing this new and exciting material.

Bamboo is a grass, not a true wood, and numerous factors – from the growth region and the harvest timing to the manufacturing process and assembly method - can greatly impact the density of the finished end product. As such, it has been a challenge for moisture meter manufacturers to set specific gravity density tables that accurately reflect the moisture content (MC) in any bamboo flooring product.

Wagner Meters, world leader in moisture management products, has been working in partnership with two major flooring manufacturers for the past 18 months to correctly determine accurate moisture meter specific gravity tables for their bamboo flooring products. Samples were lab-tested using the ASTM D4442-92 oven-dry method, and specific gravity settings for each flooring product were established. These settings are now available online at WagnerMeters.com/bamboo.php for accurate MC measurements for each of these manufacturers’ Bamboo Flooring products.

As every professional flooring installer knows, accuracy is crucial for beautiful, durable hardwood flooring installations. Now your bamboo floors can be installed using your Wagner Meters wood moisture meter with the same assurance, with tested and proven specific gravity settings for these manufacturers’ bamboo flooring products.

With advanced technology, accurate measurements and warranties that reflect their reputation, Wagner Meters’ full line of moisture measurement tools offers a solid investment for your workplace. To learn more, visit WagnerMeters.com.

Source: Wagner Meters


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