New Generation Bamboo Wood Flooring More Durable, Colorful

  SEATTLE, WA - Bamboo flooring is as durable some hardwood floors, with a hardness rank comparable to oak, say flooring firms.

Mohawk Flooring says its strand woven bamboo floor has twice the hardness of domestic oak. Mohawk says its bamboo manufacturing process uses parts of the bamboo stalk that weren’t traditionally used, making the boards tougher, and more eco-friendly. The bamboo strands then pressed together and put under high pressure to form blocks that are then sawn into flooring planks.

Bamboo flooring is rising in popularity, both in its classic bamboo coloring and feature numerous "spunky" styles and color choices, according to a  Seattle based flooring and countertop installer,  Remnant Carpet King.


It’s trendy, rich, bright, solid, and all around popular. Bamboo flooring is the trendy choice among a plethora of flooring options. While carpet and wood floors are still alive and well, bamboo flooring has risen high on the list of America’s top flooring choices. This is what all the fuss is about!


A Modern Choice

Thriving in today’s modern home decor, bamboo is rising in popularity. While the classic bamboo coloring is bright and trendy, bamboo flooring options have recently exploded and now feature numerous spunky styles and color choices.

A Durable Option

Bamboo floors are quickly dispelling the assumption that bamboo is weaker than wood flooring. Despite its renewable, fast-growing nature, bamboo is equally as durable as wood when dried. In fact, developments in the production of bamboo have resulted in an even stronger bamboo floor. New products known as “strand-woven bamboo” are proving to be twice as hard as the original bamboo floors.


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