OSHA adds emergency COVID-19 workplace rules in Oregon
November 18, 2020 | 5:54 pm UTC
OREGON - The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has mandated a new set of emergency rules in Oregon to help reduce the state's surging COVID-19 cases. The state becomes the third state to add emergency rules related to COVID, joining Virginia and Michigan.
The new rules, which largely ramp up rules already in effect, include:
  • Employers must ensure six-foot distancing between people in the workplace
  • Employers must ensure that all employees and customers wear a face mask, face covering or face shield in the workplace, and must provide that equipment for employees, free of charge
  • During work-related transportation, everyone inside the vehicle must wear a face mask, face covering or face shield
  • Employers must notify affected employees of a work-related COVID-19 infection with 24 hours
  • Employers must create an infection control plan, including when workers are required to use personal protective equipment, by Dec. 7
  • Employers must provide training on how to reduce COVID-19 in the workplace, starting Dec. 2

All businesses must also mandate work-from-home to the "greatest extent possible."

These rules are separate from a "pause" implemented in nine counties earlier in November.
A freeze has also been implemented, which closes many indoor and outdoor facilities and limits grocery stores and pharmacies to 75 percent capacity. 
These new rules are temporary, but expected to be in effect until May. 

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