How is the pandemic affecting your team's mental health?
First responder and mental health professional, Jake Mitchell, will discuss mental health in the workplace in tomorrow's Bluewater Wood Alliance Covid-19 Roundtable Event.
HANOVER, Ontario -- How is stress affecting your staff?  Are there things we should be doing to help?   Pandemic uncertainties, job security concerns, work stress and home life stress - many individuals in your workplace may be dealing with elevated stress levels.  The upcoming BWA Online Roundtable Event explores the impacts of COVID-19 on Mental Health in the workplace.  First responder and mental health professional, Jake Mitchell (RSSW, AMHA, AEMCA) joins the BWA Zoom meeting on July 15th to bring the most up-to-date information on addressing mental health in the workplace.
This event will address topics including:
  • How COVID-19 has impacted stress and mental health in the workplace
  • Supporting employee resilience and individual self-care
  • Recognizing & responding to someone struggling with a mental health problem
  • The impact of stress on the mind, body, and existing mental health conditions
  • How stress affects communication & how to communicate in times of stress effectively
  • Substance-use & mental health (drugs, alcohol, etc.)
Jake teaches Mental Health First Aid, Addiction/Mental Health training for groups and organizations, and teaches Life Support skills. He is also a provider of counseling, case management, training, and education on addiction and mental health.  It is more important than ever before to support mental health in the workplace, and actively supporting employees' well-being in the workplace is a win for everyone involved.  Jake will also share available resources for mental health support and conclude with a Q&A.

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