How to convert visitors to buyers on your cabinets or closets ecommerce site
March 8, 2018 | 9:06 am CST
Whether you’re selling actual product online or selling the concept of getting someone to schedule a consultation with you, there are things you can do to help move people further along their buying journey and get them to the point of commitment to take action.
Certainly, every facet of your digital presence contributes to success. And there are also things you can do within your website and sales process to help get people to convert.
They’ll help you develop a higher level of trust from the customer and manager their expectations while minimizing their fears of uncertainty.
Those are all key factors in getting people to purchase from your  Ecommerce site. 
Here’s a quick and super insightful interview with an expert:
Other ways to develop trust include:
Testimonials from other customers, particularly from 3rd party sites like EKomi or Trustpilot. Customer reviews, particularly when placed in right locations on your website (like right on the “buy” page) really increase conversion.
Analyze your traffic - You want to analyze your site traffic to make sure that you’re putting the videos and testimonials into places on the site where people are actually going to be buying.
Check where people are exiting your site and put reassurances on those pages.
Have plenty of GOOD informational content on your site that’s not just promoting your product, but addressing any concerns and questions your customers might have. 
And you want to SPELL OUT THE PROCESS of buying your product. Exactly what’s the timeline, etc. Manage their expectations because they don’t know your process.
You want them to feel like they know exactly what’s going to happen. And then follow through on that and notify them if anything changes/is delayed, etc.
Create Brand Advocates! -Being able to tap into those current customers to become advocates instills confidence in potential customers.
You can develop advocates individually as well as broadly.
You can use video emails to request a testimonial or help with something. 
Even ask your customers to create a video. This is really powerful. Play into their “I want to show this off” aspect. This reaches their own fan base as well.
And introduce the idea of testimonials and endorsements in the very beginning. At the start of a project. Mention social platforms and how awesome these will look on Facebook. That kind of thing. See where they are in their own digital landscape and how they engage with people on different platforms.
And ask them if they have “Enjoyed your experience? Share on Facebook.” Encourage them to take the next step and advocate the brand. Then take that and plug it back into your own site. 
We created this video solution from a question asked at one of my presentations from Joseph DeCasparis from Papa’s Barn in California. They sell reclaimed wood and were looking for ideas on how to leverage this new adventure. 
And if you’re interested in some “well-connected” marketing help with your own marketing adventures - check out this awesome coaching group that helps you make progress on your digital marketing. 
It helps you prioritize, get a handle on where things are at and where they should be going for your business to succeed. You can ask questions and connect with others trying to accomplish some of the same things you are. 

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