Woodworkers: Most Commented Articles March 2013

Woodworkers: Most Commented Articles March 2013This is a great and, more importantly, RELIABLE site for woodworking news. I come here all the time to share content for our company Facebook page and you guys never disappoint :). E Fiore, Thruway Hardwood, Buffalo, NY

Great article on red oak – enjoyed, learned. Keep putting the good word out there. Woody G., Kentucky

Very good articles on environmental health and safety issues, and resulting compliance penalties for the industry. Tom Crawshaw, Masonite Corp., West Chicago, IL

Keep it coming, great! Nice mix of information. Kerry, Fairhaven Furniture

Re: New thinner, stronger plasticized lightweight panel at Ligna 2013: really neat presentation of a new wood product. Succinct and to the point. Interested reader, via Kampyle Survey

Whats’ new? This is just like Ikeas’ material that they have been using for more than 10 years. There is no way to repair this stuff once it is broken. The idea is great, but lightweight panels like this need more strength. Jeff, Texas

Why would woodworkers who love wood, love craftsmanship, want to work with more chemicals? Why would we want to subject our clients to more glue and polymers? Why would we want to use a product that makes it difficult to use fasteners and joinery? If you want our attention promote “green” healthy natural products. This is what our clients demand, this is what the planet requires and this is what woodworkers/cabinetmakers want to remain healthy in the workplace. Interested reader, via Kampyle Survey



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