Winner of a 2013 AWFS Visionary Award, Kremlin’s EOS Pump with Airmix Xcite manual spray gun offers quick and easy color changes and can be used with solvent and/or water-based materials.  

A number of things make this Airmix package unique. The pump features a closed lubricating cup and balanced stroke fluid section for steady output without any pulsation. Designed for a wide range of material viscosities, it has a 16mm suction rod, recommended for frequent color changers, and a 25mm one for high-viscocity products up to 5,000 cps. It has a compact design for cart, stand or wall mounting.

Used with the lightweight, ergonomic Xcite Airmix gun, Kremlin says the system provides increased transfer efficiency and atomization. The gun has a fluid pressure range of 290-2,900 psi and comes with a choice of Fine or Xtra Fine finish fluid tips.,

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