Synchronized Dual-side Textured Thermofused Laminate


Uniboard launched DUO, a thermofused laminate panel with Woodprint Technology offers quality and realism and applies the textured surface to both front and back. Woodprint Technology aligns the décor paper and the surface texture to replicate real wood characteristics.

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LED Aluminum Extrusion Lighting

Tresco Lighting by Rev-A-Shelf

Infinex is an innovative, patent-pending LED Aluminum Extrusion System by Tresco Lighting by Rev-A-Shelf. With Infinex users can choose a style, cut to the desired length and assemble to create a customized LED fixture. Upon request, Tresco also will cut and assemble a custom lighting fixture to the user’s specifications.

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Drawer Liner Accessory

October Co.

The October Co. offers this four-sided drawer liner. The design can easily transform the drawer’s interior space. The liner comes in plush, nylon velvet material and is available in custom and stock sizes.

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Desk Wire Management System

Doug Mockett & Co.

Mockett’s WM36 & WM37 wire management system loops cabling in, then winds it back out. It’s available in four sizes: 3 in., 6 in., 12 in., 48 in. or custom, and comes in black, grey or white. The company also offers grommets and a wide variety of accessories for the cabinet, closet and contract furniture industries.

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Barn-Style Door Track System

Mikron Woodworking Machinery

The Mikron barn-style door track system has fully adjustable mounting points the user can use to attach it to the existing studs or any strong mounting point within the track’s length. An integrated cam in the wheel mounts allows for simple micro adjustment on the height of the sliding door. It is available in a rustic black or silver finish.

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3D Laminate Doors in Neutral Matte Colors

Northern Contours

Neutral grey, white and warm tan shades comprise the SuperMatte 3D Laminate collection from Northern Contours. SuperMattes feature an ultra-low sheen finish that will not crack or chip, says the company, giving users a seamless, painted look with style and appeal.

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Monogrammed Knobs

Haute Deco

Haute Deco launched the Monograms knobs line. The signature knobs can be personalized with engraved monograms, family crest or any other design. Haute Deco employs specialist engravers skilled in the fine art of traditional hand engraving and can engrave clients’ artwork. Almost any subject can be replicated.,


Textured Animal Print Components

JB Cutting

JB Cutting offers components in several textured, animal-style 3DL color options: Leather Black Alligator, Leather White Alligator, Leather White Elephant or Leather Taupe Ostrich. These color options are available upon request.

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Adjustable Table Lift


Impekk offers The Essential, an adjustable table lift for the office or home use. This electrical model has two legs and one motor with a drive shaft between both legs. The motor has sensors that will stop the lift or descent action if the table has excess weight on one side. The motor will reset once the weight is centered on the table. It is adjustable in height and width.

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Designer TFL Collection

Arauco USA

Arauco’s Prism brand represents its collection of 76 designs, as well as any future exclusive design released. The website for Prism,, offers information about the entire collection as well as information about the company’s symmetry program for complementary matching products

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Compact, Vertical CNC

Stiles Machinery Inc.

The Weeke BHX 200 Series is the next generation of compact, vertical CNC technology from Stiles. Less than 10 square meters of space is required. It is equipped with two individually movable high-speed drilling heads and CNC clamping devices, allowing the BHX 200 to provide a great deal of power, Stiles Machinery says.

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Closet Organization Systems

Plus Closets

Plus Closets offers a wide array of closet organization products. Configurations include floor-based systems (with a 4-1/2-in. toe kick), suspended systems (available in rail- and cleat-based versions), floor/suspended combination systems, and islands (suitable for walk-in closets). Features and options include adjustable shelves, hutch sections, countertops and more.

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