Furniture design and maker Brodie Neill presented his Alpha Chair at the fall Maison & Objet show in Paris. Working under his Made in Ratio brand,  Neill creates what he calls "boundary-pushing contemporary furniture."
"The brand was forged from a desire to take exceptional ideas from inception to production by embracing experimental processes," says Neill, who is based in London.
The Alpha Chair reflects Neill’s quest to push boundaries in terms of design and material usage. "It is a production-ready version, a solid-wood all-purpose chair produced using the latest production technologies of shaped wooden furniture," says Neill/ The name Alpha is derived from the strong architectural gesture that gives the chair its inherent strength: the A shaped structure of the back legs and backrest.
Through the Alpha Chair, MNeill says he has explored the use of CNC routering technique as a high-production tool rather than a prototyping technology. The design uses digital sculpting, taking away the reliance on moulds. By adopting contemporary digital processes of design and manufacture, "the Alpha Chair takes on an almost seamless appearance in contrast to the more traditional joinery of chair design where each element is exposed," Neill says. The chair organically and sensually moulds all the components into one.
Other notable pieces on show will include the Cowrie Chair and Rocker, the award-winning Supernova Table and the modular Tetra Shelf.

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