DETROIT, Mich. - This year’s Executive Briefing Conference offers a wide range of technical and management briefings in addition to the featured speakers and plant tours. EBC will be held in Detroit April 23 to 25.


The briefings include Rick Siewert of Siewert Cabinet & Fixture Manufacturing Inc. speaking on “Wood From the Hood.”

Siewert’s innovative thinking led him to co-found a new community-focused business in 2008 that reclaims discarded trees from local urban neighborhoods to create high-quality wood products and lumber.

Siewert will discuss not only his inspiration, but all aspects of manufacturing, including raw materials acquisition, sawing and drying of green lumber, production of retail product line, production of custom products, and new product development.

Protecting Your Production Flow is the subject of a briefing by Richard Diller of StediWatt.

When something goes wrong, whether a sudden storm, disaster, or absent personnel, getting a company back up and running as quickly as possible is critical. Make sure the right tools are in place to protect investments in hardware, machinery, and processes, and discover technology that can help.

Richard Diller is president and CEO of Advanced Electronics Systems Inc., where he oversees manufacturing and marketing operations of the StediWatt System. This applied technology is designed to protect sensitive electronics from the harmful effects of power surges, spikes, brownouts, blackouts, electrical pollution, and even catastrophic lightning strikes.

Taking the Next Step will be discussed by Gary Wernlund of Stiles Machinery Inc.

Long-time industry veteran Wernlund will bring together the insights, ideas, and innovations presented throughout the Executive Briefing Conference into real-world solutions. He will help attendees put the pieces together to show how their company, regardless of size or market segment, can apply ideas gained from plant tours, educational briefings, and case studies to move their company into the new age of manufacturing.

How are you using Big Data? Jonathan Adams, CEO of INNERGY, will discuss “The Big D — Are You Using It Right?”

In the new world of Big Data and smart manufacturing, woodworking operations may already be less about “creating sawdust” than about intelligently leveraging the vast amount of data created on the shop floor. Smart manufacturing requires knowing what to measure and what to ignore. Adams will detail how to turn the stream of data coming from your shop floor into useful information. You’ll learn what data you should collect, how to use the data that you’ve collected, and how to create integrations with suppliers to enrich the data you have.

Jurgen Koppel of Leitz Tooling is going to speak The New Language of Tooling at this year’s EBC.

You will learn how adding innovative tools and processing technology to existing woodworking machinery can optimize machine processing, helping manufacturers both large and small turn out higher quality products more quickly. Attendees will be introduced to the newest generation of high-performance tools, including “smart” tools that work with machinery to reduce scrap rates and production costs, while at the same time reducing machine downtime and simplifying maintenance and reordering.

Material Innovations for Maximizing Yields will be the subject of a briefing by

Mario Bobsin, Fritz Egger GmbH. Explore innovative and waste-reducing approaches to making the most of materials ranging from wood-based panels and boards and lightweight boards that require less material, to products recycled from recovered waste wood, plastic water bottles, and other creative alternatives.

Capitalizing on your digital potential will be discussed by Aaron Miller of Herman Miller, Nick Schiffer of NS Builders, and consultant Denise Bahs,

Social Media strategist and coach Denise Bahs has a background is in marketing, with more than 20 years in the payments industry. After witnessing firsthand how to leverage social media and expand social authority, Denise began training business executives on how to sell in the social channels.

In addition, Business Strategies will be the subject of a briefing by Charles Waterman, owner of Closets by Design. Synchronizing System Communications will be discussed by Chintan Patel, Business Development Manager for Digital Enterprise for Siemens.

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