ASID 2024 Trends Outlook Report: Kitchen and bath

Kitchen islands have become focal points, often acting as a functional preparation space and a dining space.

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With the importance of human connectivity and wellness at an all-time high and an expectation for technology to support our daily lives, designers are paying close attention to how these trends affect their clients in 2024. The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) recently released its 2024 Trends Outlook Report, tracking key societal and demographic shifts and indicators affecting interior design and related industries. This month, check out the kitchen and bath trends and the resulting implications for interior designers:

  • Kitchen islands have become focal points, often acting as a functional preparation space and a dining space. Look for “faucets with filtration systems, taps for fizzy soda water, and steamy hot water for tea” in island shapes with side-by-side seating for easier cross-table conversation. 
  • Modern, contemporary design styles with organic, natural influences remain strong in bathrooms. Look for these features to move toward the kitchen, as designers predict that shades of green– from deep saturated forest greens to lighter earthier shades – will gain momentum. 
  • Primary suites incorporate boutique hotels and spa-inspired amenities to create a sense of serenity and luxury. This will be seen in frameless, doorless steam showers with rain heads, body sprays, built-in seating, and curb-less entry. Stone, quartz, and marble materials are paired with fluffy robes, scented candles, and mood lighting to create a sense of serenity and replicate luxury. 
  • In bathrooms, many opt for quartz vanities and large slabs or solid surface panels as a grout-less option, particularly in showers. Additionally, consumers want matte and brushed [metal] finishes. 
  • Pragmatic, utility spaces offer unique design opportunities, small kitchens are being planned carefully to maximize storage, function, and flow. Yet, open shelving offers a visual break and an opportunity to highlight decorative elements like glassware and pottery. Similarly, utility and mud rooms are combined with laundry rooms, embracing color and layering patterns in wallpapers and textiles. 
  • Technology is increasingly prevalent in residential design, with consumers connecting home devices to create personalized routines that improve mood, productivity, and sleep. Designers are installing app-controlled heating features beneath tile floors in higher-end bathrooms and motion sensor lighting, and they predict that “within three years, the top toilet trends will be smart toilets that feature automatic lids, warming seats, and self-cleaning functions.”  

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