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Matt Buell designs and builds custom furniture for clients all across the country.

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Dear Matt (age 29),

Business is an endeavor in human relationships. Maintain a good relationship with tool company reps, take the time to get to know them, ask them how they are doing. They are people with lives and families too. You will meet some really good people in the tool and machinery business, make sure they know you appreciate them. Also, having a phone number and someone you know on good terms is priceless when a machine or tool breaks. Also a good practice with clients.

Stress will be one of your greatest enemies on this journey.  I would suggest you embrace it, not try and eliminate it. It will always find new avenues to present itself. Instead I suggest you embrace it by finding healthy ways to cope with it earlier on. Many of these remedies are simple, but you have to take initiative and find them. Your career will last longer for it, your life will be of better quality, the furniture you build will be exponentially better, and most importantly it will make you a better father......Although you currently are not a father in 2011, I promise the beauty, happiness, and success you want are all on the path in front of you. Just dig in and stay the course. Hopefully I can make it a little less bumpy with my offered suggestions. My gift to you, hindsight.

Matt (age 42)

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Matt Buell | President/Owner/C-Level

Matt Buell of M. Buell Studio the host of the 2023 #YoungWoodPro contest and lead coach for the people who make up the YoungWoodPro audience. Buell has achieved national acclaim for his custom furniture and was honored as a member of the Woodworking Network 40 Under 40 Class of 2018.