Chaool - a chair and stepstool designed by Joshua Dycus

Joshua Dycus develops a chair that doubles as a step stool, and shares his creative design process. Dycus has a degree in Industrial Design from  Georgia Institute of Technology, where he also serves as a shop assistant for industrial design students. 

"Often times apartment dwellers in cramped living situations will attempt to save space by buying '2-for-1' furniture," says Dycus. "The problem with current convertible furniture is that none of the products on market are wholly one thing or the other, they are an awkward combination of both. That’s where Chaool steps in. Chaool is a convertible piece of furniture that is designed first and foremost as a chair, then secondly as a step stool."

"I spend a great amount of my time and energy focussing on the moment an idea becomes a tangible object. From initial concept to tangible object, my specialty is seeing an idea through to the end," Dycus says. 
From playing in a touring band for four years after graduating high school, Dycus played music in venues all across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan. He is also certified as a bicycle mechanic by the United Bicycle Institute.


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