WoodTrac debuts affordable closet upgrade closet shelving
October 15, 2015 | 1:23 am CDT
ARCHBOLD, Ohio  – WoodTrac by Sauder Woodworking has added a new closet shelving collection to its product line-up as an upgrade to standard wire closet systems. For a marginal increase in price per foot, WoodTrac closet shelving gives the aesthetic of a luxury custom closet at a fraction of the price. By including this type of high-value feature, single-family and multifamily builders are able to provide a compelling selling point with minimal investment. 
Available in Espresso, Salt Oak and White finishes, WoodTrac closet shelving systems are customizable for various spatial needs and the end user. The systems can create single-hang, double-hang, shelf towers, and fixed shelving with its 8-foot boards, precut accompanying pieces, chrome rods, brackets, and hardware. Available in 12-inch, 15.5-inch or 20-inch deep shelves, the easily modified systems are also compatible with WoodTrac closets cabinets, allowing for a master closet design layout for under $200 worth of materials.
“We designed this program after several multifamily developers challenged us to come up with even more affordable closet systems,” says Jonathan Zublena, director of sales and marketing for WoodTrac. “They felt their closet finishes were lagging behind the rest of the unit, but were unable to spend thousands of dollars on custom closets. WoodTrac closet shelving gives the look of a custom closet at a much more affordable price point.”
WoodTrac uses high-definition, micro-paper laminates to give a realistic wood look in popular finishes, while the chrome hardware contributes a higher quality appearance in comparison to typical wooden rods found in cut-rate closet designs. Developers and installers prefer WoodTrac closet systems due to its easy and quick installation process as well as the ability to order all hardware and shelving directly from one source.  
To learn more about WoodTrac closet shelving and the company’s closet systems, please visit www.woodtrac.com.
About WoodTrac
Headquartered in Archbold, Ohio, WoodTrac is a division of Sauder Woodworking Co., the company that made good furniture affordable with its invention of Ready-to-Assemble furniture in 1953. Today, WoodTrac is following in the parent company’s footsteps with simple affordable solutions to applications as diverse as ceilings, closets and mirror frame moldings. WoodTrac combines its heritage of innovation with the strength of its state-of-the-art manufacturing operation and a large distribution network to provide products and services to its customers in the residential and commercial market

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