My favorite tools for creating great closet designs?

1 - Use your body
2 - Use blue tape

Honestly, these are my two favorite tools (tape measure is a given).

During the consultation, when you’re with the client and in the space you’re going to be designing for them, stand in it to demonstrate how far clothing will come out from the walls. Even put blue tape on the floor to mark that spot. It’s a “real life” way to demonstrate the concepts you’ll be sharing in your designs.

And use the blue tape on the floor to mark off parameters.

Let’s say you’re designing walk in closet and the client wants an island. Start with the outside walls and tape off spaces that are 24” from wall just in case you have hanging. Then go another 24” for the minimum walkway. Once you’ve gone all the way around the room, you’ll both see what kind of space is left in the middle for an island.

Sometimes there’s no space left. The beauty of that is that the client sees it and gets it and you don’t have to tell them that there’s no room for an island.

If there is room, you’ll both see the approximate size and be able to discuss what direction to orient that island.

And speaking of orientation - I’m doing one!

I'm teaching "Closet Design 101" with three LIVE sessions in May.

I'd love to have you and/or anyone you know who would benefit from closet design training to join in on the insightful fun.

I'm very excited to be taking this topic back into the live presentation mode where we can interact, get feedback, gain new insights and tips on how to save time, design well and sell more closets.

Please join me and invite anyone you know who wants to design and sell better closets.


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