Who amongst us doesn’t want a higher ticket sale?
Upgrades increase revenues - and sales commissions.

In today’s market, selling upgrades goes way beyond “hey - you want a valet rail with that closet?”. It’s not just asking about the upgrades during the sales call or when you’re closing the deal.

Selling upgrades matters in your messaging. The messaging on your website. The messaging in your email marketing campaigns. The engagement you have with people on social media platforms.

In other words, always be selling.

The “buyer’s journey” (as we call it in marketing terms) begins weeks, if not months, before a client picks up the phone or sends you an email requesting a closet consultation.

Buyer’s now do tons of online research before deciding to move forward with a purchase. Ideally, you find a way to step into that ongoing conversation and feature the upgrades and accessories that increase the sale.

Some ways to do that include:

-Telling “success stories” about different accessories. Not just the features and benefits of a product, and not in an all-out “I want to sell you this” kind of way. But why do people love your valet rails? What ingenious solutions have you created for storing jewelry? Do you have favorite hooks that you know work the best for your clients (perhaps something rather large so items stay on the hook easily).

-Write blog posts and create email marketing pieces that tell a story, but also weave in accessories used on that project and why clients love them so much. Share what solutions they provide both functionally and aesthetically.

-Post photos of favorite accessories on social media with a quick blip about the what organizing problems they are a solution for.

The big idea here is to create an “I want that” mindset so that by the time there’s a meeting between designer and client, client already knows they want tons of upgrades. The upgrades move into “must have” territory.

If you’d like to learn more specifics on this topic, I’m teaching “How to Sell the Value of Closet Upgrades”.

This jam-packed session is going to include more info on messaging, determining value for the client and selling that, when the best time is to incorporate upgrades into the sale AND a live role play between myself and Mike Carson where I’m the client and he’s selling. We’ll maneuver our way through how to handle the competitive bid scenario.

For more info and to register - here’s the info:  How to Sell the Value of Closet Upgrades



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