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Closets To Go, located in Tigard, Oregon, has a straightforward yet effective approach to its showroom and business model. Offering not just custom storage solutions, the company provides opportunities for businesses and consumers through innovative programs.

Aiming to help businesses grow, Closets To Go’s partnership and dealer programs allow industry professionals to integrate its extensive product line seamlessly into their system.
From white-labeling options to utilizing manufacturing facilities, the company tailors its offerings to fit various business needs, reducing the usual learning curve associated with new ventures, owner Jeff Turner explains.

On the consumer front, Closets To Go offers retail organizing solutions, and it breaks down cost barriers with its custom DIY line, making high-end storage solutions accessible to a much wider audience without compromising quality, Turner notes. Adding a “pre-prep” service simplifies the DIY process, while full-service options remain available in local markets.

Expanding dealers and partnerships 
Closets To Go’s partnership commitment extends to its dealer program, providing a solution with a comprehensive product range. The updated factory and TFL 5-piece shaker door line enhance its offerings, giving dealers a product solution with more than 75 colors and 100 percent matching materials.

“So, what’s really cool is that we are a custom boutique closet company that can serve someone at a high level as if we are in their backyard, possibly even higher than some that might be in the backyard at this product level,” Turner says. “We’re poised right now to start bringing on dealers to expand their market reach by having us support them and will provide all the digital technology for them to support their company.”

Dealers have the option to sell the Closets To Go brand or use their brand name for the product. Turner also added that Closets To Go can ship directly to job sites, allowing the dealers to just show up and handle the installation, and they can also assist with the design through an online design tool. 

DIY made easy
Closets To Go’s exclusive “DIY pre-prep” service, known as the Hardware Pre-Assembly Service, tackles the pain points of DIY projects, Turner says. Before shipping, each design undergoes assembly at various stations, with hundreds of components pre-installed by hand. This ensures customers receive a project ready for easy assembly, eliminating the frustrations associated with traditional DIY closet endeavors.

Experiential showroom
Closets To Go transformed a 400-square-foot office showroom into a massive 4,000-square-foot space. The sophisticated showroom displays the latest trends and finishes. Beyond aesthetics, it serves as a venue for industry events, reflecting the company’s practical approach.

A showroom highlight is its tech integration, featuring advanced Hafele LooX5 lighting displays with integrated speakers, wireless charging stations, and stealth locks. Visitors are offered hospitality with coffee, water, wine, beer, popcorn, and treats.

“We want to be more progressive. We want to be more forward [thinking],” Turner says. “That is what the showroom is for.”

Closet To Go’s showroom was revamped to an immersive space to intrigue potential customers and to get their minds open to new concepts and focused on what was possible.

“It gets the wheels turning, and then it just kind of opens the door for more opportunities,” Turner says. “So, our local designers love the showroom because it sets us up a cut above anybody else.”

Lighting is a huge part of the Closets To Go showroom experience, culminating with a “light show” in the master closet display.

“There is not a single person out there who wouldn’t want more lighting,” Turner explains as he shows off the automated lighting system, highlighting different points in the closet space. 

It’s ultimately a ‘wow’ factor, he adds, and the key is how to convince the consumer that lighting solutions are affordable. So, various lighting options are featured in vignettes throughout the showroom.

Through its immersive showroom, advanced manufacturing facility, business partnerships, and DIY options, Closets To Go offers custom options to consumers and the trade.

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