ACSP: Connecting with community
By Eric Marshall
January 14, 2022 | 8:38 am CST
Eric Marshall, ACSP

Entrepreneur and author Richie Norton says, “Every sunset is an opportunity to reset. Every sunrise begins with new eyes.” Maybe it’s not possible to fully reset every day, but as we end a stressful year and begin a fresh new one, it’s a great opportunity to do so. 

Simply surviving is “bad stress” with no direction or clear path forward and out of the situation. The pandemic has brought on plenty of this type of stress. While there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel, I‘m afraid we are not simply going to return to our pre-pandemic state. The current situation is what it is, so how can we do more than just survive…how can we thrive?

One way to do this is to connect with others. Ultimately, our fortitude and our collective purpose – firmly rooted in our need for connection, for answers, for personal and professional growth – will see us through this pandemic and beyond.

As we begin 2022, the ACSP is also taking the opportunity to reset. Now with Amanda Conger as our Executive Director, we will be providing more and better tools for our members and the closets and storage industry as a whole. As the issues we are facing continue to evolve, the ACSP is committed to standing with our members by providing the resources they need when they need them. 

In addition to making connections with other members and suppliers, the ACSP offers discounts to attend Closets Conference & Expo, access to webinars archives, training and certification, a directory listing on our website for referrals, social connections through our Facebook group and Instagram channel, and much more.

I am looking forward to connecting with you in person in San Diego, April 27-29 at the Closets Conference.

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