5 ways beam saw optimizers accelerate efficiency

Photo By Biesse America

Here are five ways adding beam saw optimizers can improve the efficiency of your woodworking operation:

1. Faster programming and machining time: An optimizer reveals patterns that are faster to cut. Sending programs directly to the machine saves you hours of operator programming time.

2. Error reduction: Many design software programs can create an electronic spreadsheet of the parts list. You can import it automatically into your optimizer, avoiding errors inherent in manual inputting.

3. Better material yield: Spending a few minutes to fine-tune your optimizer can save expensive material from becoming scrap.

4. Reliable quoting: Putting material cost and machine operating cost into the optimizer quickly produces a reliable estimate of your cost for any custom job. Your quotes can become more competitive.

5. Managing reusable drops and over-production: An optimizer is invaluable in managing leftovers from previous jobs. You can also fill your patterns with common in-stock parts to increase material yield.

Source: Biesse America. Call 704-357-3131 or visit Biesse.com.


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