Webcast: Color & Design Trends in Textured Panels
Webcast: Color & Design Trends in Textured Panels

Webcast: Color & Design Trends in Textured Panels Materials selection for interior design projects are taking a dramatic turn, with stark contrasts between materials. Architects and designers are mixing different colors and patterns, with glossy, matte and wood finishes existing in harmony.  

Dramatic, bright colors are appearing in all areas of business and consumer goods, including panel and casegoods. Knowing what to expect from clients, or how to advise them in working with new surface styles, becomes more important than ever important. 

In a free webcast (originally aired January 23 at 1:00 p.m. CT, 2:00 p.m. ET), decorative paper manufacturer Schattdecors' Mark Smith and Timber Products' Patrick Cowan will explain trends in panel design and color, and what is driving them across multiple markets, including commercial, retail and residential.

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Webcast: Color & Design Trends in Textured Panels
Webcast: Color & Design Trends in Textured Panels

You'll learn about:
• Trends in colors and surface textures
• How global preferences are affecting U.S. styles 
• Where applications of decorative panels work best
• Visual impact of projects centered on decorative panels

Who should attend:
• Architects and Interior Designers
• Construction Project Managers
• Architectural Woodworkers
• Building Construction Contractors


Webcast: Color & Design Trends in Textured PanelsPatrick Cowan
Plant Manager,
Timber Products Company

Patrick Cowan is the Plant Manager at Timber Products Company’s Spectrum Division. In this role, he oversees manufacturing of the company’s value added products—custom components, decorative panels, specialty sizes—and works directly with customers to manage panel utilization and yield. Prior to his current position, Cowan served in a technical sales role at Timber Products and has more than 20 years of experience with the company. He is a graduate of Oregon State University.

Webcast: Color & Design Trends in Textured PanelsMark Smith
Senior Design Manager

Mark Smith is responsible for all North American designs at Schattdecor, the St. Louis-based operation of the global manufacturer of decor papers used in decorative panels. Before that, Smith worked with Materials ConneXion serving automotive and major design firms. He spent 24 years in design with Steelcase. Smith is one of the founding employees of Schattdecor U.S. operations, which will double its decor paper printing capacity this year.


Webcast: Color & Design Trends in Textured Panels Bill Esler
Editorial Director, Woodworking Network
Vance Wood Interiors Media Group

Bill Esler is responsible for coordinating all content for Wood Products, Custom Woodworking Business, and Closets magazines, Woodworkingnetwork.com, along with related newsletters. He also chairs the Woodwork Career Alliance Education Committee, the woodworking industry education advocacy arm of WCA.

Original air date: January 23, 2:00 p.m. ET.


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