Router Bits speeds on a Trim Router
December 7, 2021 | 12:40 pm CST
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This is the Router

I bought a Makita M3700 Router Trimmer last month, and it says Max 35000 n-1 and it is a 1/4 Collet
I think that means it spins at 35000 RPM is that right ?
Problem is that all bits that i see online and on stores in my area are rated 28000 Max and sometimes less than that (24000) !
And my Makita does not have any speed control utility on it
Now should i just use those bits or should i buy another router ? although i hate to lose my investment on the Makita one !
Can i just use 24000 RPM bits and work safely ? or something wrong will happen ? i already tried it couple of times with a 24000 max bits and nothing happened, but i am more concerned about safety on the log run !