Power feeder for table saws, shapers

Grizzly Industrial says its new “easy feeder” power feeder is ideal for use with table saws and shapers. It features a 1/2 HP brushless DC motor that runs on a single-phase power supply, a variable-speed feed adjustment dial for speeds from 7–72 FPM, a large digital readout for feed speed, and a push-button ON/OFF switch and forward/reverse feed direction. The feeder automatically compensates for variations in workpiece thicknesses up to 3/4 inch via a roller-spring mechanism. It comes equipped with a heavy-duty, ductile-steel vertical and horizontal support column and joint that features an "L" locking mechanism for securing the feeder in horizontal, vertical, or angled feeding positions. An extra-long support column and arm allows for use on larger woodworking machinery and the horizontal rotation features a clutch and memory-lock.

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