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CNC Dovetail Machine
August 25, 2011 | 11:03 pm CDT
Alexander Dodds will be introducing and demonstrating, for the very first time, a new single spindle CNC dovetailer at IWF 2008 in booth #8763, Atlanta, GA. This newly designed dovetail machine answers the need for CNC in the small shop with simple operation and consistent, accurate cuts every time.

The SE-1-15AF has an automatic feed cutter for dovetailing English dovetails on one-inch centerlines. With a touch screen operator interface, part parameters are entered for material thickness and part width. The operator then simply places the drawer sides against the fence and the drawer front and back into position and the machine does the rest.

Features include pneumatic clamping of parts, chipbreaker assembly for optimum cut quality, precise spindle movement controlled by servo motors, dust guard with 2” outlet, simple to understand touch screen technology, 800 # factory technical assistance, and replacement parts stocked and on the shelf in the U.S.
CNC Dovetail Machine