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The Sawtooth Shelf System is a cost-effective revival of a method used to make shelves adjustable in cabinetry and millwork for hundreds of years. The system consists of wood supports in each corner of a cabinet, which hold adjustable cleats on which to rest the shelf. Triangular or sawtooth cuts in the support piece need to be accurate and were typically made by hand but the Sawtooth Shelf System has developed the technology to recreate the cut with an accuracy of plus or minus .005, says the company, offering added value that is cost effective. Sawtooth Shelf Systems are available in three styles: Continuous, with cuts running the entire length of the support; Traditional, the sawtooth cut starts between 8 and 12 inches from the bottom and stops the same distance from the top; and Spaced, common in European built-ins, with three sawtooth cuts that start 12 inches from the bottom of the cabinet and repeat on 12-inch centers, for a more contemporary look. The systems are available in lengths of 3', 4', 5', 6' and 7' and custom lengths by order. Woods used include poplar, red oak, white oak, cherry and sapele with other species available by order. Available in sets of four or in bulk packs of 24. 

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