Horizontal spray coater
Cefla's Mito is an oscillating horizontal spray machine that can apply any type of water or solvent-based paint or glue according to the company. Ideal for small- to medium-sized shops, Mito can be equipped with either one central or two side arms and features a patented “Airsphere” Plenum to guarantee a flow of clean air into the spraying zone. A photodiode reading barrier is used to scan incoming workpieces for size and position to optimize spraying. It can be equipped with either a paper or carbon fiber belt (CFB) conveyor system. The paper conveyor can be used for glues and non-recoverable paints while the CFB is used for spraying any type of recoverable water or solvent-based paint. With a 12.1in. color touch screen, it also features an electric control panel with PLC and machine control software.