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LegaDrive Systems from Hettich

BUFORD, Ga. - An attractive office environment with flexible and ergonomic workplaces is one of the keys to a company's competitiveness. This is where power adjustable desks that give users the choice of working either sitting down or standing up play a crucial part. The LegaDrive Systems column system from Hettich leaves no margin of doubt with design flexibility in furniture making and the greatest possible stability for the user.

Having the flexibility of working either sitting down or standing up is good for your health and boosts work productivity. Desks with a power assisted height adjustment capability that can easily be set to any chosen height at the press of a button are ideal.
LegaDrive Systems comes with the best credentials for meeting the growing market demands in respect of modern workplace organisation in the future, too. Based on double telescopic lifting columns, the entire desk support system can be adjusted in height from 620 to 1,295 mm (675 mm lifting range). A desk with two lifting column lifts an impressive 120 kg.
The system is modular in design, also making it perfect for constructing multiple column conference tables. For standard desks and angled desks, LegaDrive Systems has the advantage of providing flexibility in matching desk top depth and width to any demand in the office environment.
The drive system is fully integrated in the column, obviating the need for a cross member between the columns. Usable legroom for working in comfort or accommodating pedestals is retained in full. Available in various surface finishes, the column's design blends harmoniously into modern work environments.