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Intermat fast assembly hinge

BUFORD, Ga. - Providing over 100 door-mounting options, the tried and proven range of Intermat fast assembly hinges from Hettich gives all kitchen and furniture manufacturers the right solution for numerous application purposes. Combined with the optional Silent System, it provides attractive ways of setting furniture apart.

The Intermat range features hinges with opening angles of 110 degrees and 125 degrees, profile door hinges with a 95-degree opening angle, wide-angle hinges with an opening angle of 165 degrees, special-purpose hinges for unusual carcase angles from W-45 degrees to W+90 degrees, as well as hinges for glass doors and aluminium-frame doors. The Intermat range is available for all standard drilling patterns and comes with various options for attaching the hinge cup. The line-up is complemented by a large number of mounting plates and stylish cover caps for the hinge arm, if required also with customised logo.
The optional Silent System closes Intermat doors quietly and gently. The convenience of Silent System can be combined with the processes involved in installing conventional hinges at the end user. Only one Silent System unit is required for a standard door with two hinges. The Silent System is matched to the size and weight of the door at an adjustment wheel to ensure optimum softened closing action. Intermat with Silent System adds a touch of luxury and convenience to furniture user's home while giving the furniture manufactures benefits in terms of cost, quality and the potential for making a mark of distinction.
Furniture manufacturers across the globe appreciate the reliability and superb quality of Intermat hinges. Over 1 billion Intermat hinges have been produced since they were launched in 1993. These hinges leave no margin of doubt with easy and fast installation, straightforward adjustment, stability, attractive design and quality you can rely on. Combined with the optional Silent System, they also bring luxurious convenience to the home with doors that come to a close softly and gently.