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Hardwood Flooring Installation Adhesive

Bostik introduces a new adhesion technology, Axios Tri-Linking Polymer Technology, a single-solution, hardwood flooring installation adhesive. With the technology Bostik introduces a molecule featuring three branches, able to link in three locations instead of two, creating a much stronger bond for hardwood flooring installation, says the company, and creating a tighter, interwoven layer that improves overall bond strength, moisture protection and sound reduction at optimal levels. Axios Tri-Linking Polymer Technology is easy-to-clean from prefinished hardwood flooring both before and after curing and it can be cleaned with a simple plastic scraper and buffed with a dry cloth, adds the company. Two product formulations include the Ultra-Set SingleStep2 and GreenForce. Ultra-Set Single Step2 contains SoundGuard sound reduction barrier that outperforms quarter-inch-thick cork underlayment, according to Bostik. It also contains Bostik’s patent-pending Thickness Control Spacer Technology,designed to ensure proper membrane thickness between hardwood flooring and substrate. GreenForce delivers superior bonding, unlimited moisture vapor protection and ease of cleaning (before and after curing), says the company. Greenforce, which does not include Thickness Control Spacer Technology or SoundGuard sound reduction capabilities, is ideal for jobs where sound reduction and membrane thickness control aren’t primary considerations, says the company.

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