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Wireless Charging System for Power Tools

Bosch says its new 18V Power Ready Wireless Charging System for power tools allows users to easily charge hand-held power tools virtually anywhere with the battery on the tool or off. The system is based on the concept of contactless energy transfer or inductive charging, adds Bosch. When the charger is plugged in and the compatible battery is placed on it, the charger begins wirelessly transmitting an alternating magnetic field. The battery acts as a receiver. As the alternating magnetic field penetrates the coil, voltage is induced and a charging current flows to the cells until full. The new wireless batteries are compatible with the complete Bosch 18V power tool line, says the company. Each charger also features Foreign Object Detection, which detects when any other object besides the compatible battery is on the charging pad. If sensed, the charger will not turn on until the object is removed. This prevents conductive materials that might have fallen on the pad from heating up. Components of the system include: the WCBAT612  SlimPack 18V 2.0 Ah battery; a WC18C Wireless Charger; the WC18F  Docking Frame for mounting (available with all system kits); and the WC18H Mobile mountable Holster customized charging and storage system.

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