V-shaped furniture legs

Doug Mockett & Co. offers its Design Competition winning Edge Legs, which fasten to the edge of the table and add a unique signature look to any tabletop. The stylish V-shaped legs include a platform at the top for the table to rest on with an extended flange on the outer edge to hold the top in place. They are suitable for any top in any environment, Mockett says, and can be used in pairs for large work desks, studio consoles, or dining tables, or individually for peninsula countertops and wall anchored work tables. Available in satin stainless steel and brushed stainless steel finishes, the legs are 15-7/16 inches wide at the top, 23-1/2 inches wide at the bottom, 28-9/16 inches high with leveler (29-9/16 inches high overall),  and 2-3/16 inches thick. They have a weight capacity of 200 lbs.

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