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Table mechanisms
Richelieu's wide range of table mechanisms allow woodworkers to build versatile furniture with multi-purposes that convert into space saving solutions. The systems are comprised of heavy-duty slides that are pulled-out manually while the tops can be made from any panel or board material to either match or contrast exiting counter tops. Richelieu’s extended peninsula tables include the Naxo, Cheo, and T-able mechanisms. Also included is the OPLA-Top, an extendible countertop that becomes flush with an existing countertop when pulled out; the T-bench, a pull-out bench set lower to the ground with a leg for support; the Slide, a table mechanism installed over the top of a kitchen island creating an elevated surface that slides diagonally to extend the surface; and the Eclipse, a mechanism used to rotate a surface horizontally creating an additional perpendicular work surface that can be stowed away when not in use. Pictured is the OPLA-Top.