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The trend towards sliding doors is unbroken as they are not only practical but also an impressive design element. The TopLine M sliding door system from Hettich is the answer to providing an attractive mark of distinction with tremendous design flexibility.

Designed for door weights up to 35 kg, Hettich presents the TopLine M sliding door system for overlay doors on wardrobes and hallway units. The door elements can be positioned one in front of the other to leave them completely parallel. Alternatively, projecting door handle profiles are easy to include by using spacers. Cabinet end profiles permit the same design of cabinet for sliding and hinged doors. The unobtrusive running profile discreetly integrates into any furniture design. The guiding profile provides design flexibility: it is mounted out of sight below the bottom panel or, by way of option, in front of it. The sliding doors can be aligned in situ using an integrated height adjustment.

Furniture manufacturers hitherto favouring inset doors can use TopLine M to transform model lines into designer-look furniture featuring overlay doors with very little effort.

The sliding door hardware is available as set pack comprising runner and guide profiles, guide components, cabinet end profiles, door handle profiles, brushes and running components, or as industrial pack.

About Hettich America L.P.

Hettich America, L.P. is a leading supplier of Grant door hardware, kitchen cabinet hinges and slides, and ProDecor handles & knobs, plus customized slides and articulated hinges for the major appliance industry.

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