Powder-coated cabinet doors

Integra Doors offers MDF powder-coated doors in a variety of colors and styles. The doors are coated with an epoxy powder and then heated, which causes the powder to bond to the door's surface, completely sealing the door. This produces a tough, attractive product that has no seams in which bacteria can hide, Integra Doors adds. Powder coating doors also eliminates issues caused by delaminating vinyl or yellowed, cracked or chipped paint.

About Integra Doors

Manufacturer of mdf cabinet doors - RAW, primed or primed and powder coated. Powder coated doors are extremely water resistant and do not fade or yellow. An epoxy based powder, with an acrylic binding, makes a powder coated door tough and attractive, while also being a very green product. There are no VOCs or HAPs to out gas into the environment. An excellent replacement for vinyl doors that delaminate and painted doors that split, yellow or become gummy, powder coated doors can be ordered in 1000's of colors. Satisfy your clients designer whims! Powder coated doors do not have sharp edges or seams that can hide bacteria and dirt. Every client that has handled a powder coated door says "I want this!" 

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