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No Pre-Drill Needed Auger Point Screws

Quickscrews says its Type 17 Auger Point Screw allows the screw to be delivered directly into the material without the need of a pilot hole. The Type 17 Auger Point makes it easier to drive the screw, says the company, with a flute at the end of the point designed to cut a hole out in the harder materials, negating the needs to pre-drill a hole. Also, while the screw is inserted in the material, it flushes this material so that it goes up the shank of the screw instead of going outward, which can cause splits. Quickscrews offers Type 17 Points with or without nibs. The nibs are underneath the head and act as a cutting mechanism, cutting a countersunk hole into the wood, which enables the head to sit flush for sunk about an 8th of an inch, says Quickscrews.