Finish option

Conestoga Wood Specialties announces the addition of Unitone, its newest finish option.

Adding to the company’s growing list of versatile finishes and glazes, Unitone offers customers a subdued version of the rustic, weathered look created by Conestoga’s Heirloom finish treatment. This new finish is a combination of a single coat of Color tone that allows wood grain to telegraph through the surface coating, which is then highlighted with a glaze application.

Unitone finishes are available on rustic and standard grades of alder, cherry, hard maple and red oak, and it includes a glazing step using Coffee or Pewter glaze. Other available options include:

·        Antiquing

·        Wear sanding

·        Distressing

The enhanced grain telegraphing created by Unitone is most prominent on end grain and is highlighted by Coffee or Pewter glaze. The finish creates a dramatically different look when applied each type of wood. For customers looking for prominent telegraphing, the effect is most pronounced on oak, but also has visible effect on the cherry and alder wood substrates.