Electronic cam lock

Illinois Lock Co.’s E903 i-LOCK is a configurable electronic cam lock with an easy-to-use interface, says the company. It features 32 programmable codes: one master code, one sub-master code, and up to 30 user codes. The code can be a standard use code, allowing users to define a code and use it until they wish to change it, or the code will be a one-time use code, which will only lock and unlock once.

The electronic lock is powered by two AAA batteries that are good to up to 15,000 operations. In the event of a dead battery, the E903 features a mechanical override with a lock cover for protection.

A zinc diecast housing and black finish gives the i-LOCK a sleek appearance in a vertical configuration to fit your security needs. The housing measures 4.75 inches in length and includes all necessary mounting hardware and cams. 

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