Electronic cam lock
January 21, 2016 | 2:19 pm CST

The Illinois Lock Co. E901 i-LOCK Electronic Cam Lock has a four-button touch pad and is designed for simple installation, ease of use, and fits most applications. Its stylish and compact design provides a great alternative to traditional key locks.

The i-LOCK accepts up to eight-digit user-defined codes and offers 87,380 unique combinations. i-LOCK part number E9O1RSS accepts standard codes that remain until reset, and i-LOCK E9O1R1S accepts single-use codes, which are set for one-time use. Entering user-defined codes and opening the lock are both simple operations, as is resetting codes when necessary.

The lock’s electronic function is powered by a button cell battery with up to one year’s working life, and warns with an audible signal when there are 200 cycles remaining.

i-LOCK is small and sleek in appearance, with a contemporary housing design in silver ABS plastic. It is available in either horizontal or vertical configuration models to fit your specific need. In either configuration, the housing measures only 3.656 inches in length. The distance between the housing and the cam is 1.125 inches.

i-LOCKs include all necessary mounting hardware and cams. Four stock versions are currently available.