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Drawer assembly machine

The PRO1 and ZRam machinery from Grass America can bore and insert hinges and drill and assemble drawers. The PRO1's bore depth automatically adjusts to material thickness, so drilling and inserting 45mm boring patterns can be performed with this 3-spindle pneumatic machine.

The entire line of Grass hinges in the 45mm pattern work with the PRO1, including the following: 

  • The Tiomos model in 110°, 120°, and 155°
  • The Nexis model in 110°, 125°, and 170°
  • TEC Face Frame

With a versatile set of applications in addition to inserting hinges, the PRO1 also drills drawer fronts and backs for Zargen, Zbox, Vionaro, and Nova Pro Scala. The PRO1’s unique features are what allow it to perform its applications with precision, the company says. For example, doors can be held firmly in place for drilling and insertion and manually released with its adjustable hold-down devices. Its two-hand start button also allows for safe drilling and insertion functions. Drill bit removal and insertion are achieved with quick-change chucks.