Doppler motion sensor switch
August 1, 2022 | 4:55 pm CDT

Hardware Resources' Task Lighting and Power recently released its cutting-edge Doppler Motion Sensor Switch that revolutionizes lighting control sensors, the company says. The Doppler sensor works by bouncing harmless wave signals off of objects to detect whether they are in motion. When changes in wavelength are detected, the lights are triggered to turn on. The sensor reliably detects motion through wood surfaces of 2 in. or less and up to 15 ft. without detecting motion through typical doors or walls. Unlike Infrared sensors, when using Doppler technology, you don’t have to worry about placing the sensor in a certain location that is in the direct line of sight. Easily conceal the sensor inside a cabinet or another discrete location and still maintain accurate sensor control. Select via switches on the sensor how long the lights stay on once activated. The Doppler Motion Sensor is perfect for under a vanity, in a closet, and in other areas where you want precise light-sensor control.